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Predator pool cues (owned by Clawson Custom Cues d/b/a Predator Group) has been an industry leader in cue design and manufacturing since 1994 (25 years!).

Predator’s commitment to innovation has created a legacy of high performance, supported by scientific discovery and proven results. Enhancing performance is what inspires them, drives their research, and defines their mission of making the best performing low-deflection shafts, playing cues, and break cues in the world. Predator Group’s vision is to be the driving force for technology and innovation across every segment of the billiards industry in every corner of the world.

The company built its reputation on its patented, low-deflection shafts which have been the choice of touring professionals since their introduction in the 1990s.

Predator Cues distributes billiards products worldwide. The company operates from two locations: its headquarters in Jacksonville, FL and a satellite office in Hong Kong. Predator products are manufactured in the United States and the People’s Republic of China. The company sources components and raw materials from the Canada, Latin America, the Peoples Republic of China and the United States.


In 1994, Predator revolutionized billiards forever with the 10-piece splice low-deflection shaft. Lower deflecting cues require less correcting therefore making the game easier.

Predator shafts are designed to reduce cue ball deflection and are the lowest deflecting shafts on the market, greatly increasing your chances of making your shot. Advancements of the 10-piece splice include the use of iMatch, Predator’s patented process in which every single triangle is tested for density, mass, and stiffness for optimum pairing resulting in better shaft consistency and playability.

Two decades later, the next giant leap in billiards technology arrived with the Predator REVO carbon fiber composite shaft. It is the stiffest of all Predator shafts with the lightest front-end mass, the lowest rate of rise taper, the greatest radial consistency, and the most durable construction.

Constructed of aerospace grade carbon fiber tow, REVO shafts provide pin-point accuracy with lower deflection at both high and low speeds, ultra-efficient energy transfer, uncompromising durability and effortless spin allowing for improved control of the cue ball, and ultimately the table. They will never warp, and the shafts’ ultra-smooth finish is highly resistant to dings, dirt, and the wear and tear that shafts see during their lifetime.

The following cues contain the low-deflection or REVO carbon fiber composite shaft:

  1. Predator REVO Limited Edition Cues
  2. 9K Series Cue
  3. Blak Series Cue
  4. Ikon Series
  5. Roadline Sneaky Pete
  6. Willie 526 Limited Edition Cue
  7. Predator REVO Limited Edition Cue: Featuring the REVO 12.9 shaft paired with one of Predator’s hallmark butt-construction technologies, and limited-edition packaging.

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Most Popular Cues

The following chart summarizes Predator pool cues using their state-of-the-art technology.

Name Description
9K Series Cue
Price Range: $669 – $849  
Unassuming clean lines disguise the high-performance C4+ Technology inside the Predator 9K Series Cues. With an extended Leather Luxe grip and paired with your choice of Predator’s world renowned low-deflection third generation or REVO shafts, these cues are ready to help you position yourself for victory.
Predator Air II Jump Cue
Price: $199
Developed in conjunction with Predator’s ground breaking BK3 technology. It includes: Carbon Fiber Shaft with high-strength weight reducing construction techniques and components, including the carbon fiber shaft collar designed for the renowned BK3, and the Uni-Loc® Ultralight Mini-radial pin.3-Piece Construction allowing adjustment with one quick turn of the Uni-loc® Quick Release joint.Cartridge System with an adjustable weight system allowing the cue to be tuned to the player’s stroke.
BK Rush Series Break Cues
Price Range: $659 – $709
Combines Predator’s proven BK technology with an optimized REVO carbon fiber composite shaft developed for breaking. Featuring a four-piece fused construction butt that is break balanced to deliver more power with less effort, and a REVO BK-R carbon fiber composite break shaft developed to transfer power with the accuracy of a playing shaft.
BK Series
Price Range: $429 – $489
The BK Series features more than a dozen design changes from Predator’s renowned BK2, the new BK3 Technology deploys even more power for that all important first-shot.
Blak Series Cues
Price Range: $1079 – $1559    
Expertly crafted and meticulously designed, featuring sleek ebony accented with brilliant silver, elegant Micarta, and warm Curly Maple inlays. Paired with your choice of Predator’s line of low-deflection shafts, it’s an impressive look with the precision play to match.
Ikon Series
Price Range: $899 – $1399
Constructed with Predator’s title capturing C4+ construction and arriving with either the 314 or Z low-deflection shaft.
Panthera4 Special Edition Cues
Price: $2195
Designed in partnership with Jacoby, Panthera4 cues feature Spalted Maple accented with Abalone, and warm Elforyn. Limited to only 100 of each model, individually signed and numbered.
P3 Series
Price Range: $809 – $859
Includes the customizable Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge™ system means the P3 can be fine-tuned to within a tenth of an ounce, while the 30-piece hard Maple and dense Ash construction combines an astonishingly solid feel, with straightness for accuracy.
Roadline Sneaky Pete Series
Price Range: $479 – $599
Featuring a four-point or eight-point True-Splice construction that incorporates Canadian Hard Maple, ultra-elongated points with veneers, the customizable Uni-Loc® weight cartridge system, and Predator’s low deflection shafts.
Sotka Special Edition Cues
Price: $2195
Lakota Indian inspired cues by Pechauer. Designed in tribute to the ornamented spears (sotka) of the brave Lakota warriors. Arriving paired with Predator’s world-class shafts, 75 of each Sotka Cues are being offered for a limited time.
Sport II Series Cue
Price Range: $489-$539
Includes a four-piece hard maple butt construction, tunable Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge System and Sport2 grip. Available with wrap or no wrap.
Throne Series Cue
Price Range: $1049 – $1429
The second generation of Throne inspired cues. They feature Predator’s patented C4+ technology and arrive paired with a Predator shaft. Each cue is crafted of exotic woods, an eight-point highly polished crown butt-cap, and features tri-tone rings of silver, micarta, and rose-gold alloy.
Willie 526 Limited Edition Cues
Price Range: $1029 – $1149
The number 526 is forever enshrined in billiards lore, but 526 represents far more than Mosconi’s high-run in 1954, it embodies a commitment to the elevation of the game. Now, some 63 years after that marvelous run, Predator introduces Willie – 526. A series designed in homage to the Titleist cues wielded by Willie Mosconi and the greats of a bygone era. Each cue comes paired with your choice of Predator’s 3143 or Z3 low-deflection shafts.


Predator stands beside their brand as one of the highest quality billiards products in the market today. They are committed to the performance and durability of their products and they pledge that the products will remain free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

To protect their customer’s investment, they offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty covers the product bought from an authorized dealer and for the original owner. Their warranty does not cover problems resulting from wood warpage (being bent or twisted out of shape, typically as a result of the effects of heat or humidity), abuse, or normal wear on replaceable items such as the tip, ferrule, finish, wrap and bumper.

Predator Group Partners

Poison pool cues use Predator engineered products. This allows there to be a wider range of options for players including a more choices of price, color, and design.

  • Arsenic3 Series – Price Range: $349 – $419

Featuring the Predator engineered Venom2 low-deflection shaft, Sarin 8-layer leather tip, and precision Uni-Loc® Bullet Joint

  • Cyanide – Price Range: $269 – $299

Paired with the Predator® engineered low-deflection Venom2 shaft.

Predator Pros

Predator has 42 Pros who use and promote Predator products. These pros span over 20 countries and range in membership from 1996 to present. Of these 42 ambassadors, 208 championships of major tournaments have been won using Predator pool cues. Here’s a list of some of the biggest names on the Predator lineup.

  • Darren Appleton
  • Carlo Biado
  • Marc Bijsterbosch
  • Chezka Centeno
  • Stephan Cohen
  • Fred Dinsmore
  • Oscar Dominguez
  • Mitch Ellerman
  • Toshiyuki Haraguchi
  • Mick Hill
  • Phaa Hmaunpao
  • Chang Lin Jung
  • Konrad Juszczyszyn
  • Eklent Kaci
  • Matt Krah
  • Henrik Larsson
  • Johan Ruijsink
  • Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz
  • Liu Sha
  • John Schmidt
  • Yang Fan
  • Mieszko Fortunski
  • Joshua Filler
  • Pia Filler
  • Roland Garcia
  • Mark Gray
  • Reiko Haji
  • Wu Hao
  • Chris Melling
  • Imran Majid
  • Waleed Majid
  • My Nguyen
  • Albin Ouschan
  • Jasmin Ouschan
  • Daryl Peach
  • Mary Rakin
  • Tony Robles
  • Jeremy Sossei
  • Tony Southern
  • Ralf Souquet
  • Kristina Tkach
  • Wiktor Zielinski


While there are lots of different cues and shafts under the Predator name, the one that gets mentioned the most is the 314-3. This 3rd generation shaft has continued to be refined and improved and comes standard on most Predator cues.

If you want a shaft that’s ahead of the game in low-deflection, look no further than the 314-3. Its considered to be one of the best, if not the best, shafts for accuracy and shot consistency.

It features

  • V-Tek Construction
  • V-Tek Fiber Tip Silencing
  • iMatch 10-Piece splice construction
  • Pro Taper
  • Premium Predator 8 layer Victory Tip

All in all, the 314-3 is a great shaft for advanced players and new comers alike. The only downside is that it is a little pricey. But most all who have used the 314-3 shaft will agree that its well worth it. Click here or on the pic above to check it out on Amazon.


As you can see, there are lots of reasons that make Predator one of the biggest name in the industry. Their technology driven advancements have progressed the traditional cue by leaps and bounds and with as much innovation as they bring to the table, they will continue to do so for years to come.

I hope this article has helped you determine if Predator pool cues are a good fit for you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out or check out our other helpful articles for all of your billiard related questions! Thanks for reading!

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