How to Move a Pool Table a Few Feet

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Pool tables are heavy items. Most tables weigh around 800 to 1200 pounds. But it’s not just their weight that makes them hard to move. They are also relatively fragile and are definitely not designed to be moved fully intact. 

It’s nearly impossible to move a pool table out of a room fully intact without damaging it. But what if you only want to move it to the other side of the same room? Or move it out of the way for any reason? Isn’t there a better way than taking a pool table apart? Read on to find out how to move a pool table a few feet. 

4 Options for Moving a Pool Table a Few Feet

There are four viable options when it comes to moving a pool table a few feet. Each one of them comes with some degree of risk that you should consider not moving the table at all if it’s an option. The best way to keep a pool table in good condition is to leave it in one spot. But since that isn’t always an option, we’ll go over the four different options below. They are as follows:

  • Take it apart and move it. 
  • Use a pool table lift.
  • Use 4 dollies.
  • Use furniture sliders and a bunch of friends. 

Option 1: Take the Pool Table Apart

If you’re serious about protecting the pool table, taking it apart is the best bet. This may seem like overkill, but it falls under the umbrella of “better safe than sorry.” Moving a pool table without taking it apart can damage the frame, the legs, and can cause injury to those moving it.

Depending on why you’re moving it, this may be ideal. If you’re not planning on playing on the table for a while, taking it apart and storing it safely is the best option. 

If you decide to go this route, you can watch this video for help. 

YouTube video
  • Even taking the table apart is not without risk. You can drop or mishandle the slate, lose hardware, or damage the felt. 

Option 2: Use a Pool Table Lift

Unless you have a pool table lift jack or equivalent equipment lying around, you’ll have to purchase or rent one for this method. Whatever kind of lift you use, you’ll want to make sure it is able to lift the weight of your table. 

This lift, from ApolloLift, is rated for 1760 pounds. To do this, you’ll have to locate a central position under the table to place the lift jack. You can then raise the lift until all four legs are off the ground, then you and a friend or two can push the table to its new location.

This method is not without risk, though. Any time you lift a pool table off its legs, you risk damaging the frame. Not all pool tables have a sturdy central beam that will work for a table lift. If you decide to go this route, inspect under your table to see if the frame has a central place that will work with the lift. If not, try a different method. 

  • Lifting the pool table anywhere but its direct center will not allow you to raise all four legs off the ground, so you’ll end up dragging the legs across the floor. 

Option 3: Use Four Dollies

A slightly less risky option that using a pool table lift is to use four dollies. You’ll need at least three people for this method. And of course, four furniture dollies like these from Vestil.

For this method, you’ll need two people (at least) to lift one side of the table at a time, while the third person slides the dollies under the legs. Once you have the dollies under the legs on one side, make sure to lock or block the wheels so they don’t roll while you’re lifting the other side of the table. Once you have a dolly under each leg, you can push the table to its new location. 

Once there, you can block the wheels on one side again and then reverse the process to take the dollies out from under the table. 

  • Be aware that, even lifting one side at a time, there’s still a risk of damaging the frame. The less time the table spends off its legs, the better. 

Option 4: Use Furniture Sliders and a Bunch of Friends

The fourth and final option involves using the help of several friends and furniture sliders. You’ll have to purchase sliders depending on the type of floors in the room. I recommend these SuperSliders for carpet and these Felt Sliders for hard floors

These sliders are pretty self-explanatory. You simply put one under each leg, using two people to lift one side of the table at a time. Then you can push the table to where it needs to be. Even with the sliders, the table will be difficult to move, so make sure you have plenty of help!

  • I like this option best because you don’t have to lift the table very high, which means you can do it quickly, reducing the chances of damaging the table. 

In Conclusion 

No matter how you decide to move the table, you’ll likely have to level it again once you get it to the new location. Most tables have three pieces of slate that make up the playing surface, and moving the table often gets them out of whack. 

If you’re moving the table to a new spot on carpet, you’ll have to wait a minimum of a few days for the table to settle before checking to see if it’s level. 

These options are in no particular order, and you’ll have to decide which is right for you. Taking a pool table apart to move it a few feet is really a lot of work, so you may be better off using the dolly or furniture slider method. However, if you have to go through a door or over some kind of threshold, you might be better off taking the table apart. The choice is yours and I wish you good luck! For more information, check out my article on moving a pool table without taking it apart.

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