Brian "The Professor" Hamilton

Billiards is not just a game; it’s a lifelong study of angles, human behavior, and a steady hand.

  • Music at Work Classic Rock
  • Cue of Choice Viking Cues
  • Billiards Variant 8-Ball
  • Billiards Pro Efren Reyes
  • Go-to Food(s) Vegan Korean BBQ, Margherita Pizza

Brian "The Professor" Hamilton has been fascinated by the world of billiards for over a decade, tracing his interest back to evenings spent in his college’s rec room. Though he never transitioned to professional play, he’s a recognized name in local tournaments and is known for his analytical approach to the game.

By day, Brian works as a web developer, skillfully coding complex websites and applications. This meticulous mindset not only enhances his billiards play but also enriches his writing. For the past five years, he has penned articles for various billiards blogs and local sports publications, focusing on foundational strategies and techniques that can elevate anyone’s game.

When he’s not immersed in code or billiards, Brian loves hiking and conquering mountain trails, bringing the same level of grit and perseverance to the outdoors that he does to the pool table.