Can You Put a Pool Table in a 12×12 Room?

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There are many different factors to consider when purchasing a pool table. But before you even think about what color felt you want or what style table will work best in your space, you need to decide if you have enough room for a pool table. And one common question is: Can you put a pool table in a 12×12 room? 

A 12×12 room is too small for a standard sized pool table (8ft). In order to make it work, you’d have to use a 6 foot table with shorter pool cues. This will insure you have enough space to take shots comfortably from every angle of the table without hitting the wall.

Read on to find out all you need to know about putting a pool table in a 12×12 room. 

Is 12 Feet Wide Enough for a Pool Table?

This is one common question many people ask. They concentrate on the width of the room first, but this is only looking at part of the problem. 

But, to answer the question: 12 feet is not wide enough for most pool tables. And since we’re talking about a 12×12 room, it’s not like you can turn the table to make it work. A square room limits your options. But that doesn’t mean you have to forget about a pool table altogether. 

Let’s take a look at the factors involved in determining the ideal room size for a pool table. 

How to Determine Pool Table Room Size

To be able to play pool comfortably, you’ll need to take into account not only the size of the pool table, but also the size of the cues you’ll be playing with. 

Standard cue size is 58-inches but they also make cues shorter than this. 52” and 48” cues are fairly common. 

To determine the size of your ideal room, you’ll need to know the size of your pool table and the cues. 

Here’s how you do it, using an 8-foot table (the most common size for home use) and 58-inch cues. 

  1. Determine the length and width of the pool table in inches: 8-foot x 4-foot equals 96-inches by 48-inches. 
  2. Next, double the length of the pool cue (58-inches in this case) and add it to both the length and width of the table: 58*2=116. 116+96=212. 116+48=164. 
  3. Turn your two totals into feet, and you have the minimum room size for that table with those cues: 212-inches is 17-feet 6-inches. 164-inches is 13-feet 6-inches. So, your total room size is 17-feet 6-inches by 13-feet 6-inches for an 8-foot table with 58-inch cues. (You can get away with a 17’x13’ 6” room). 

As is obvious, this requires a much larger room than 12×12. You can do the same thing with the different sizes of pool tables and pool cues to determine if any of them will fit in your 12×12 room, but I can tell you right now that most standard pool table sizes will not. 

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What Pool Tables Will Fit in a 12×12 Room?

A pool table that will fit comfortably in a 12×12 room is considered a “miniature” pool table. 

As mentioned earlier, the only table size that will work in a 12×12 room is a 6-foot pool table. And again, you’d have to use shorter cues to make this work. But even this combination of a smaller table and shorter cues isn’t perfect. More than likely you’ll still find yourself facing some awkward shots due to space restrictions.

But if you’re heart is set on putting a pool table in a 12×12 room, here are a few great options to choose from.

Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table

For those with a 12×12 room, this 6-foot portable pool table is ideal. It comes with 48-inch cues, so you don’t need to invest in smaller ones. But the nicest thing about this table is that it’s easy to move and store, so if you find that it’s too small for your 12×12 room, you can always use it in a larger room. When you’re done, you can fold the legs up and store the table away until you want to use it again. This way you can have a pool table without needing a dedicated room for it.

You can also opt for a smaller table if you’re worried that a 6-foot table is too big for your 12×12 room. 55-inch tables are the next smallest tables under 6-feet. 

RACK Crux Folding Table

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This portable pool table is just over 4 ½ feet long, making it ideal for a 12×12 room. Both kids and adults can enjoy this table and it won’t break the bank. Like the Hathaway above, you can fold this table up and store it when not in use. 

It comes with two 48-inch cues and a set of balls designed to fit the table’s smaller size. If you’re not sure how a pool table will go over in your spare room, getting one of the small, cost-efficient ones is a good way to decide whether you want to try and upgrade to a larger table later on.  

These are just two of many options for smaller rooms. Check out this article for more information on mini pool tables!

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