Can You Put a Pool Table in a Mobile Home?

Putting a pool table in your home can be a great investment. It can allow you to improve your skills so you can start beating your friends or hustling strangers at the pool hall (or, just to get good!). It can also save you tons of money on gas and pool-hall expenses.

Plus, having a pool table in your home gives your friends and family a fun place to gather. Unfortunately, not every home is ideal for a pool table. And many people are reluctant to put one in their mobile home. So in this article, I’ll answer the question: Can you put a pool table in a mobile home?

You can put a pool table in a mobile home but you’ll need to make a few considerations prior to doing so. First you’ll need to determine if you have a room large enough to house a pool table. And second, whether or not the floors in your mobile home can support the weight of the table.

Throughout this article we’ll discuss everything you need to know about putting pool table in a mobile home. We even have some great recommendations at the end of this article that you should definitely consider!

What’s the Best Room For a Pool Table in a Mobile Home?

Pool tables come in many different sizes — and so do mobile homes. Single wide, double wide, and triple wide mobile homes can vary wildly in floor plan and size. You may be able to fit a pool table comfortably in a bedroom in a triple wide mobile home, but not in a double or single wide. But again, this depends on the size of the pool table and the size of the cues you’re going to use.

The best room for a pool table in a mobile home is wherever it will fit. For many mobile homes, the best place is the living room. But this also means that it can’t have much furniture around and the table can’t be too big. Rest assured that you can fit a pool table in your mobile home, you just need to[find the right size**](/best-pool-table-options-for-limited-space/).

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with the size requirements for pool tables, mobile home or not.

Is Your Mobile Home Big Enough for a Pool Table?

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine how large the room is where you wish to put the table. Then you’ll want to refer to the dimensions below to see if the room is big enough for a pool table.

Minimum room sizes for pool tables:

  • 9-foot pool table: 14’ x 18’ room size.
  • 8-foot pool table: 13’ 6” x 17’ room size.
  • 7-foot pool table: 13’ x 16’ room size.

These room sizes are all based on the use of standard 58-inch cues. If you really wanted to, you could play with smaller cues to fit the table in a smaller room. More on that later. First, let’s discuss these sizes and tables above.

Which Pool Table Size is Best for Your Mobile Home?

Diagram of a pool table

Which size pool table you choose for your mobile home depends on what you wish to accomplish. If you’re looking to go pro, you should probably get a 9-foot table. And if that’s the case, you likely won’t be able to fit it in a single wide mobile home. They just aren’t big enough.

8-foot tables are the most common for homes, and they’re great for those looking to have a great time and develop skills all at once. These are the next best thing to 9-foot tables for those looking to go pro. But even these are a stretch for the living room of a single wide mobile home. But most double wide homes will fit an 8-foot table in the living room with ease. Again, this depends on the floor plan of your particular home, but you should be able to figure out pretty quickly how large your living room is.

7-foot tables, also known as “bar boxes” may fit in the living room of a single wide home if the floor plan is just right. Those single wide homes that have the living room and dining room together, creating a wide-open space, could conceivably fit a 7-foot table, provided there was no other furniture in the way.

But, fear not, because they make even smaller tables! You can get a 6-foot table that will fit nicely into most single wide living rooms. The minimum recommended room size for a 6-foot table is 12’ 6” x 15’ 6”.

But, if you find that your largest room is smaller, you can opt to play with shorter cues, which will enable you to play in a smaller room.

Cue Length

Part of the reason for room size when it comes to pool tables is you need space around the table to set up your shot. If you’re hitting the butt of your cue on the wall every time you take a shot, it gets old really quick. But, they make different size cues that you can play with to make the most of a smaller space.

  • 57- and 58-inch cues are standard, and the room sizes above are based on these cue lengths.
  • 52-inch cues are the next most common size. For these, you can take a foot off the room sizes above. For example: with a 58” cue and an 8’ table, you’d need a room 13’ 6” x 17’. But with a 52-inch cue, you would take a foot off both length and width, making it 12’ 6” x 16’.
  • 48-inch cues are generally made for kids or vertically challenged folks, but they’ll do in a pinch if you really want to put a pool table in your mobile home but don’t have the room. For these, simply take a foot and a half off the length and width of the standard room sizes listed above.

Check out this article for a chart of room sizes for different cue lengths.

Mobile Home Pool Table Easy Reference

Here’s a quick-reference look at what pool table sizes are ideal for mobile home sizes. These are just averages based on the common floor plans available and assume the use of 58-inch cues. Your mobile home may be different, so make sure to measure!

  • 9-foot pool table: Can fit in most double wide mobile homes and nearly all triple wides.
  • 8-foot table: Good for most double wide homes and above.
  • 7-foot table: May fit in some single wide mobile homes, but not all. Easy fit in double and triple wide homes.
  • 6-foot and below: Will fit in nearly all mobile homes.

Can Your Mobile Home Floor Support a Pool Table?

Once you’ve determined that a room in your mobile home can fit a pool table, you’ll probably want to know if your floor can support the table. After all, some pool tables weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds!

Luckily, most mobile home floors will easily support a pool table as they’re designed for 40 pounds per square foot of flooring. This means that if you have a 15’ x 15’ room, it will support a total of 9,000 pounds. (1515 = 225 225 40 = 9,000). Unless you have the heaviest pool table in the world, you should be fine.

However, it’s always best to determine the floor load capacity for your particular mobile home. Older mobile homes may have been built to different specifications. Plus, any previous water damage to the floor can cause it to be structurally unstable.

Since pool tables are heavy, they can damage the flooring material over time. In fact, if you have a slate table, it’s likely that it will damage whatever material you do have there without the proper precautions. So keep this in mind when shopping for a pool table. Over time, most floor materials, including carpet, will be damaged by pool table legs. This is usually in the form of little divots or dents, not structural damage.

How Do You Spread a Pool Table’s Weight in a Mobile Home?


No matter what flooring material you have in your mobile home, it’s a good idea to spread the weight around a bit. This can keep the flooring material from getting damaged by spreading the weight over a larger area, which is always a good idea.

To do this, you have a few options. Many people like to use one large section or four smaller sections of plywood. This can help protect the floor and keep the weight distributed over a wider area. However, you do run the risk of tripping until you get used to the wood under the table.

Another good option to protect the flooring in your mobile home is these Stay! Furniture Pads. You can also put a rug under your pool table, although you may have to re-level the table once it settles on the rug.

Of course, if you’re worried about the weight of a pool table in your mobile home, you can always buy a non-slate pool table. These are also a good option if you only have limited space and you want a pool table you can move easily.

Best Pool Table Options for Mobile Homes

Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

This 6-foot table is a great option for those who don’t have a dedicated room for a pool table. It also works well for those who don’t have a room big enough for a larger table. This portable table has sturdy steel legs that can fold up for easy storage. You can bring the table out when you want to play, and store it away easily when you don’t.

It comes with everything you need to start playing, and it only weighs 115 pounds. Great for those with kids and casual players who enjoy shooting some pool from time to time.

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