7 Best Pool Cues Under $200: These Cues Are Amazing!

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When it comes to selecting a pool cue, finding a good one within your budget is crucial. After all, you dont want to buy one thats below your current skill level and you dont want to spend too much on one thats designed for more advanced players.

The $200 mark seems to be the sweet spot for most casual players who may play competitively from time to time, or for those who consider themselves to be intermediate in terms of skill.

The good news is that there are lots of really good pool cues under $200! Most of them, if you time it right, can be had well under the $200 mark. But if you’re as impatient as I am, waiting on a sale for something you gotta have now just doesn’t work most of the time.

If your looking for the best pool cues for intermediate players, or just looking for the best pool cues under $200, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’re going to look at 7 of the best pool cues under $200, and hopefully you’ll find one on the list that works for you.

Note: Please keep in mind that prices do fluctuate. At the time of this writing every cue on the list was under $200 unless stated otherwise. Thanks for understanding!

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What to Expect for $200

Generally speaking, pool cues under $200 are geared toward players who are transitioning from beginner to intermediate in terms of skill. They’re typically made of higher quality woods, feature upgraded components such as tips, ferrules, and wraps, and last longer.

For the beginner, a cue of this caliber is usually a big upgrade from what they started with. Most beginner cues are great for helping learn the basics, but dont offer much in terms of increased performance over a standard house cue.

For the more seasoned player, a cue of this price range would generally fall on the low end of what they would spend on a cue. This is because pool cues under $200 typically lack a low deflection shaft. Low deflection (LD) shafts have gained tremendous popularity over the years as more and more players are convinced of their benefits. LD shafts can help improve accuracy and reduce the amount of deflection (squirt) you experience when striking the cue ball.

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There is one cue on this list that features a LD shaft for under $200, but they aren’t seen often at this price point. Generally speaking, you’ll have to spend at least $250 to get a cue with a LD shaft. Of course, there are some rare exceptions to this.

Some of the features you can expect from pool cues under $200 are:

  • Premium Tips
  • Upgraded Ferrules
  • Better Wrap Options
  • More Consistency
  • Higher Quality Woods
  • Increased Accuracy & Performance
  • Better Shot Fee
  • Better Warranty

Some cues on the list have other features such as coatings on the shaft that help protect it from dents, dings, and scratches, but this is specific to each manufacturer.

Overall, a pool cue under $200 is the perfect price point for those who want a higher quality cue with increased performance, better construction, and upgraded features, but who dont necessarily need or want a LD shaft.

Best Pool Cues Under $200

#1 Players Technology Series HXT15 (Best Overall)

Players is a name instantly recognized by even the most novice of players. Most everyone knows them as having some of the best cues for the money, hands down, and this cue is no exception.

The Players Technology Series HXT15 pool cue is #1 on the list for a reason. Its packed with tons of great features that are typically found on cues a lot more expensive than this one.

To start, it has a Low Deflection shaft, which isn’t typically seen on pool cues of this price point. The shaft is made from premium grade, hand selected North American Hard Rock Maple, which is then treated with Nelsonite, a patented wood stabilizer that protects the shaft from changes in atmospheric conditions. Its then finished off with a “special” epoxy that helps protect the shaft even further from moisture and warping.

Sitting on top of the shaft is Players Proprietary HXT Low Deflection Ferrule, which is designed to drastically reduce deflection (squirt) while providing more power and accuracy in every shot. The ferrule is topped off with a Kamui Black tip, made from 10 layers of pig skin. This tip is is specifically designed for maximum grip, spin, and durability.

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The stainless steel joint and the slimline white Implex butt cap, coupled with the black double pressed Irish Linen wrap really give this cue a classy look. Its stylish but not over the top. Just enough to catch someones eye. Overall, it looks amazing!

In summary, the Players HXT15 is an amazing cue at a great price. The fact that it has a low deflection shaft alone makes it worth the cost. Definitely check this cue out if you want a cue packed full of top notch features at an amazing price point.


  • 58″ Length
  • 18-20.5 oz Weight
  • 2 Piece Cue
  • Birds Eye Maple Forearm & Butt
  • Premium Grade North American Hard Rock Maple Shaft
  • 12.75mm Low Deflection Shaft
  • Shaft Treated With Nelsonite
  • Kamui Black Tip
  • Proprietary HXT Low Deflection Ferrule
  • Stainless Steel Joint with 5/16 x 18 Pin
  • Slimline White Implex Butt Cap
  • Double Pressed Irish Linen Wrap
  • Lifetime Warranty

#2 Cuetec Prestige Series

Cuetec has been producing high quality pool cues since 1989. Since then, their cues have only gotten better and better. The Cuetec Prestige Series is part of their Professional Lineup and boasts some awesome features that any pool shark would love to have.

To start, the shafts are made of Grade A+ North American Maple which is then coated with a layer of fiberglass or graphite through Cuetecs patented coating process. This makes Cuetec cues extremely tough and resistant to warping and overall wear and tear. This is then taken one step further by Cuetecs Tru-Glide finish which helps address the issue of the cue sticking to the bridge hand due to sweaty hands or high humidity.

The 15 1/2″ Pro Taper S.S.T. shaft is topped off with a 1″ polycarbonate ferrule and a Tiger Everest Multi-Layer Tip for reduced deflection and superior ball control. The Veltex Grip is great for pulling moisture away from your hand and provides an awesome grip.

Another cool features about this cue is the adjustable weight bolt system. This system allows you to change the weight of your cue quickly and easily from 18-21 oz. Its also available in 4 different colors including: Candy Apple Red, Ebony, Pearl White, and Sea Blue.


  • 58″ Length
  • 18-21 oz. Adjustable Weight System
  • 2 Piece Cue
  • Grade A+ North American Maple Shaft
  • 15 1/2″ Pro Taper S.S.T. Shaft
  • Tru-Glide Finish
  • 1″ Polycarbonate Ferrule
  • Tiger Everest Multi-Layer Tip
  • Veltex Grip
  • Multiple Color Options

#3 Viking Valhalla

Viking has been making high quality cues since the 1960’s. They definitely know a thing or two about making top notch pool cues.

The Viking Valhalla is a great choice for a pool cue under $200. It has lots of great features, but unfortunately no Low Deflection shaft. Like I said earlier, its hard to find a LD shaft at this price point. Some of the things that make this cue stand out are its eye catching design, overall quality, and its lifetime warranty, even against warping.

The shaft, like the two cues above, is made from North American Maple and features a 12-14″ Pro Taper. It has a 13mm premium leather tip and a high impact resin ferrule. The forearm is made from Hard Rock Maple and is coated with a Ultra-Violet Urethane finish for added protection and shine.

It features a 5/16 x 18 joint with metal threading in the shaft for a tight, secure lock, and a stainless steel pin.

Overall, the Viking Valhalla is a great choice for anyone looking for a great pool cue under $200 without a low deflection shaft.


  • 58″ Length
  • 18-21 oz. Weight
  • 2 Piece Cue
  • North American Maple Shaft w/ Pro Taper
  • High Impact Resin Ferrule
  • 13mm Premium Leather Tip
  • Hard Rock Maple Forearm
  • Ultra-Violet Urethane Finish
  • Eye Catching Design
  • Stainless Steel Pin
  • Lifetime Warranty

#4 Players G-2252

Players makes its way on the list again with another amazing cue. The Players G-2252 is a great all around pool cue with eye catching graphics and outstanding playability. Overall, you can expect lots of the same great features as the first one on the list, minus the LD shaft.

The shaft is made from Grade A North American Hard Rock Maple that has been hand selected. Each Players shaft is turned and dried seven times during the curing process to ensure straightness and prevent future warping. This shaft is also treated with the Nelsonite protective finish which helps seal the wood and prevent warping.

This cue has a 13mm Premium Le Pro leather tip thats designed to hold its shape longer and play more consistently. The high-impact ferrule is super durable and even has its own lifetime guarantee against cracking or chipping! The stainless steel joint collar with the 5/16 x 18 pin provides a solid hit every time and the black and white Irish Linen wrap provides a slip-free grip and an amazing look.

Available in 18-21 oz weights, in half ounce increments, this cue is very versatile and will work well for lots of players. The lifetime warranty that comes with it adds a little peace of mind too.


  • 58″ Cue
  • 18-21 oz Weight
  • 2 Piece Cue
  • Grade A North American Hard Rock Maple Shaft
  • Shaft Treated With Nelsonite
  • Pro Taper
  • Stainless Steel Joint w/ 5/16 x 18 Pin
  • High Impact Ferrule w/ Lifetime Warranty
  • 13mm Premium Le Pro Leather Tip
  • High Gloss UV Coating
  • Double Pressed Irish Linen Wrap
  • Lifetime Warranty

#5 Viper Desperado Death Mark

Viper pool cues are manufactured by GLD Products, based out of Muskego, WI. What started out as a four friend startup has turned into a company that produces amazing products at amazing prices, the Viper line of pool cues being one of them.

The Viper Desperado Death Mark (it sounds worse than it is) is one of many excellent cues to choose from from Viper. The shaft is made from high quality Hard Canadian Maple wood and features a Pro Taper for a consistent, comfortable feel through the entire stroke. Its topped off with a 13mm Le Pro leather tip for excellent chalk retention and cue ball control.

The butt of the cue features intricate laser engraved artwork and is protected by 9 coats of varnish. It also has wood and onyx inlays which contrast nicely against the stainless steel rings along the forearm and sleeve. The lightweight stainless steel joints also add to the overall style and feel of the cue.

The Death Mark is available in 18-21 oz. weights and features a 100% genuine leather wrap for excellent grip and sweat absorption. At the base of the cue is a removable scuffer. To use it, simply unscrew it from the bottom of the cue, scuff your tip, and screw it back it. This is a pretty neat feature that most other brands of pool cues dont offer.

Overall, the Viper Desperado Death Mark is a great pool cue with lots of nice features and intricate engravings that make it a great buy for under $200.


  • 58″ Length
  • 18-21 oz. Weight
  • 2 Piece Cue
  • Hard Canadian Maple Shaft
  • Pro Taper
  • Premium 13mm Le Pro Leather Tip
  • Stainless Steel Joint
  • Laser Engraved Artwork
  • Protected With 9 Coats of Varnish
  • Removable Scuffer
  • 100% Genuine Leather Wrap
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Limited Warranty

#6 Cuetec Graphite Series

Another amazing cue by Cuetec, the Graphite Series features amazing playability and super sleek styling. It, like the Prestige Series cue mentioned above, is part of Cuetecs Professional Lineup, meaning it has lots of upgrades not found on their Recreational cues.

The shaft is made of Grade A+ North American Maple and is then coated with a layer of graphite. This coating process seals the wood pores and helps ensure that it will remain straight and warp free. It also helps protect the shaft from dents, dings, and scratches. The Tru-Glide finish that comes on all Cuetec Professional Cues gives the shaft a super smooth feel which really helps when playing in humid areas or if you have sweaty hands.

The 15 1/2″ Pro Taper S.S.T. shaft is equipped with a 1″ polycarbonate ferrule and a Premium Tiger Everest Multi-Layer tip. This ferrule/tip combination is great for reduced deflection and increased accuracy. It also features a Veltex Grip which provides great cue control and a solid grip.

Along with all the other great features of this cue is the adjustable weight bolt system. This system allows you to change the weight of your cue from 18-21 oz. quickly and easily. This cue is available in two color options: Black and Midnight Blue. Both of which look amazing!


  • 58″ Length
  • 18-21 oz. Adjustable Weight System
  • 2 Piece Cue
  • Grade A+ North American Maple Shaft
  • 15 1/2″ Pro Taper S.S.T. Shaft
  • Tru-Glide Finish
  • 1″ Polycarbonate Ferrule
  • Tiger Everest Multi-Layer Tip
  • Veltex Grip
  • Multiple Color Options

#7 Purex HXT-65

NOTE: At the time of this writing this cue is slightly over $200. Its around $215. However, for the extra $15 bucks or so, I thought it was worth mentioning in this article as it really is an excellent cue and very close to that $200 mark.

The Purex HXT-65 is a beautiful cue with lots of upgraded features to match. Overall, for the price, its hard to find a cue of this caliber.

One of the biggest selling points of this cue, besides the looks, is the HXT Low Deflection Shaft. As I’ve said a few times in this article, its hard to find a cue with a LD shaft at this price point but fortunately Purex was kind enough to include it on this model.

On top of the shaft rests a Kamui Black soft tip. This tip alone is around $20-25 bucks on Amazon! For most users, however, the cost is well worth it as it provides great chalk retention, lasts a long time, and is perfect for players who use lots of English or practice advanced cue ball control.

The butt of the cue is made from Birdseye Maple and features a unique antique-stained appearance. The double-dagger black points, coupled with the black and white marbled diamonds give this cue an exceptional look. The wrapless handle also adds to its appeal by leaving the designs on the butt and forearm uninterrupted.

Overall, this is an amazing cue at an awesome price. I know its a bit over the $200 mark, but for a few more dollars you get a beautiful, eye catching cue with tons of great features that not only will help improve your game, but allow you to take pride in your cue.


  • 58″ Length
  • 18.5-21 oz. Weight
  • 2 Piece Cue
  • 12.75mm HXT Low Deflection Shaft
  • HXT Low Deflection Ferrule
  • 10 Layer Kamui Black Soft Tip
  • Birdseye Maple Butt & Forearm
  • Beautiful Design
  • Implex Joint Collar
  • 5/16 x 18 Pin
  • Sleek Wrapless Handle
  • Lifetime Warranty

In Conclusion

Buying a pool cue can be tough due to the fact that there are so many to choose from and so many variations. The important thing to remember is that if it feels good in your hands and is well built, it should do just fine. Any of the cues on the list would make a great cue for someone transitioning from beginner to intermediate, or for someone who just wants a better cue than what they have currently.

I hope this list of best pool cues under $200 has been helpful and that you found one that works for you. Definitely check them out, read some reviews, and try them out first if you can. Thanks for reading!

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