23 Must Have Billiard Accessories You Can’t Do Without

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No favorite past time or hobby is complete without its fare share of accessories. Pool is no exception.

While there are lots of things that are considered essential to the game of pool, there are just as many extra accessories to go along with it: things that you don’t necessarily have to have but things that make the game easier, more fun, or interesting.

Pool, like any other game or sport, has evolved a lot over the years. And thanks to new technologies and ideas, the accessories to go along with it have evolved as well.

In this article I’m going to share with you some of the best billiard accessories I could find. Some you probably have. Others you wont be able to live without. We’re going to look at accessories for all of your billiard related needs including pool cue accessories, pool table accessories, billiard room accessories, and more!

Pool Cue Accessories

Pool Cue Case

No pool cue would be complete without having a case to go along with it. While most of us take for granted the safety and well being of our cues, keeping them in a case when not in use, or while traveling can be a real life saver. Pool cue cases protect your cues from the elements, and from accidental falls or drops. Its a good idea to keep your cue in a case whenever you’re not using it. Doing so could save you from unnecessary frustration and wasted money in the event that your cue gets damaged. You can get your hands on the case in the picture right here.

Tip Tools

If you’ve ever had to play with a busted up tip, you know how frustrating it can be. The tip is the only part of the cue that makes contact with the cue ball. Therefore its vital to keep your tip in good shape. Tip tools, like the Cuetec 3-1 tool, are a great accessory to keep on hand, whether in your case or in your pocket. The Cuetec 3-1 tip tool is a scuffer, shaper, and aerator all in one. If you don’t already have one, you can check it out here on Amazon.

Retractable Bridge

A retractable bridge is a great accessory that can make your life a whole lot easier. Have you ever went to reach for the bridge cue just to realize there wasn’t one there? Yea, we all have. Now you can take a bridge cue with you whenever you play. This retractable bridge cue extends up to 57″ long and is only 13″ long when retracted fully. For around $25 bucks, you can have your own bridge cue with you when you need it most. This one by East Eagle comes in either black or brown and is made from wood, giving it a nice, solid feel.

Retractable Chalk Holder

How many times have you went to reach for the chalk and it was on the other side of the table, or accidentally knocked in the floor? Yea, it happens to all of us. The best way to keep your chalk handy is with a retractable chalk holder. This chalk holder by Predator is a great buy. Not only do you get the chalk holder, but you also get 5 pieces of Predator chalk for one low price.

Shaft Cleaner/Slicker

Nothing is worse than playing with a dirty cue that constantly drags your bridge hand. Some players avoid this by playing with a glove or using hand chalk, but its always good practice to keep your shaft as clean and slick as possible.

This shaft cleaner/slicker is super easy and convenient to use. You simply slide it over the tip of your cue, and rub it up and down. This not only cleans your shaft, it burnishes it as well, leaving it clean, slick, and moisture resistant. Definitely check out this handy accessory if you want a quick way to keep your shaft in tip-top shape.

Tip Repair Kit

At some point you’re going to have to replace your tip. When your tip finally reaches its breaking point, you’re going to need to be prepared with a tip repair kit. Tip repair kits, like this one on Amazon, provide everything you need to replace or repair your tip in a jiffy. No pool shark should be without one.


Keeping an extension handy is a great way to make sure you don’t miss a shot just because its a bit out of reach. Most pool cue extensions fit between the butt and the shaft of the cue. Depending on which model you buy, you can achieve an additional 6″ to 12″ inches of reach. Most extensions are universal but there are some that are specific to individual pool cues. This universal extension is a great buy and gives you 12″ of added reach. It slides onto the butt of your cue, so you don’t even have to take your cue apart to use it. How convenient is that?!

Joint Protectors

If your cue is not in use, and tucked away neatly in its case, its a good idea to have a set of joint protectors on it. Joint protectors, as you may have guessed, protect the joint of your cue. There are different joint protectors available to fit the different styles of joints commonly used on pool cues. If you have a cue with Uni-loc joints, check out this set by Predator. For under $20, you can rest easy knowing that your cue is fully protected.

Billiard Gloves

If your hands sweat a lot when you play, or your shaft just isn’t very slick, a billiard glove is a great way to compensate for both issues. Billiard gloves provide a budget friendly way to eliminate the drag you feel on your bridge hand due to sweat or a dirty shaft. If you dont have one already, consider this 10 pack by Cuesol. Ten gloves for under $15! Now thats hard to beat!

Hand Chalk

Hand chalk is used in lots of sports and hobbies, including pool. Chalk is a great way to repel moisture from your hands, thus reducing cue drag. Hand chalk is a great alternative for those who don’t like the way a billiard glove feels. Now you could just use baby powder I suppose, but who wants to bring a bottle of Johnson & Johnson to the pool hall? Check out this handy hand chalk instead. It comes in a refillable bag which you can then put in the travel bag when not in use. Definitely a better way to keep some chalk handy.

Billiard Ball Accessories

Training Balls

Training cue balls are a great way to help improve your game. Some of the most popular training cue balls are the “Measles” ball, and the Jim Rempe training cue ball. Both of these cue balls help you practice judging the effects of sidespin, topspin, backspin, and any other form of cue ball control. If you want to improve your cue ball control, or learn to play with more English, a training cue ball will help out tremendously.

Ballsak Case

If you have a training cue ball and you want to take it with you to the pool hall, you may want to keep it protected via a Ballsak case. A Ballsak case is a case desinged to hold a single billiard ball, most often a training ball of sorts. This handy case clips right onto your cue case via carabiner clip for ease of transportation and convenience. With both of the training balls mentioned above running close to $40, it doesn’t hurt to have a small insurance policy on them in the form of a case. You can check out the Ballsak case here, on Amazon. This one is red and black but there are lots of different colors to choose from.

Ball Cleaner & Polisher

Dirty, chalked up billiard balls not only look bad, they don’t perform as well either. Keeping your gear clean and well maintained, including your billiard balls, is key to their longevity. If you have your own set of billiard balls then the Aramith Ball Cleaner & Restorer kit is a must have, especially if your set is really expensive. If you’d like more info about how to clean billiard balls properly check out my article How to Clean Billiard Balls: Step by Step for more information on how to do so.

Ball Case

Another great accessory for your billiard balls is a travel case. Now, if you never take your billiard balls away from your table, or never plan to, you may not need this. But if theres a chance you might, this is a great item to have on hand. This Aramith Billiard Ball Case has 17 individual slots for a full set of billiard balls, including a cue ball, and one training ball if you have it. It even has a space for your pool ball cleaner. This case is perfect for traveling with your billiard balls, or simply keeping them protected when not in use.

Pool Table Accessories

Pocket Reducers

Pool table pocket reducers are a great way to help you improve your accuracy. If you’ve never used them before, they can provide quite the challenge. As their name implies, they reduce the size of your pool table pockets, making it more difficult for you to sink shots that typically wouldn’t be a problem. Definitely check them out if you want a budget friendly way to help you improve your game. You can find them here, on Amazon.

If you’d like more info on pool table pocket reducers check out my article Pocket Reducers: How The Best Pool Players Improve Their Game.

Table Cover

Keeping your pool table covered when not in use is the best way to keep it protected. Anything from dirt and dust buildup, to accidental spills can be prevented by using a cover. Most quality covers are made from leather or leatherette and are great at preserving your table top. This pool table cover, made by GSE, is a great, budget friendly cover that comes in different sizes and colors to fit your needs and preferences.

Felt Cleaner

If you’re not taking the time to clean your pool table regularly, you should. Keeping your table clean, especially the felt, is crucial to keeping its playability at its peak. Clean felt makes for consistent game play, and keeping it clean is super easy with a felt cleaner like Quick-Clean. To use it, you simply spray it on and wipe it off. It works by lifting all of the embedded chalk, dirt, dust, etc., out of the felt. Once its been lifted you just wipe it off. No brushing or vacuuming required.

Magic Rack

Another must have item for your pool table is the Magic Rack. The Magic Rack gives you the perfect rack every single time. You wont have to slide the rack across the table trying to get it tight. You simply lay the magic rack on the table, and stack the balls inside. This Magic Rack set gives you the ability to rack 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and 10-Ball perfectly.

Billiard Room Accessories

Pool Table Light

A unique pool table light is a great way to add some style, and functionality to your billiard room. Not only do they look great, but the added light projected directly on the playing surface of the table really helps. This pool table light pictured above is a great choice. It comes in 4 different colors: black, blue, green, and red. And 2 different sizes: 59″ long, and 70″ long. What size light you need will depend on the size of your table. The Wellmet Pool Table Light can be found here, where you can see the different size and color options for yourself.

Dart Board

Dart boards, while not necessarily essential to the game of pool, are a great accessory to any billiard room. Something about darts just seems to fit in with billiards, right? If you have your own billiard room, this Barrington Dart Board Cabinet would make a great addition to it. It comes in 5 different styles to fit your preference. For more info on this amazing dart board, and to see user reviews, click here to check it out on Amazon.

Wall Art

Having some wall art in your billiard room is a great way to give it some style and character. Clocks, neon signs, canvases, all of it can make for a great focal point in your billiard room. If you like the canvas in the pic, you can view it here. It comes in three different sizes and is super easy to hang. It also makes for a great gift if you know someone else who likes pool as much as you do.

Storage Bench

Need a place to store all your extra gear and give your guests somewhere to sit? This billiard storage bench is the perfect solution. It has enough space for multiple pool cues, billiard balls, racks, and almost anything else you may need to store. It boasts hard wood construction and even has air pistons to assist in opening and closing the top. The Playcraft storage bench would make a great addition to any billiard room.

Pool Cue Rack

A pool cue rack is a must have accessory for any billiard room. Not only are they practical for holding all of your gear in one convenient location, they just look cool as well, when they’re fully furnished that is. Cue racks are available in floor models and wall mount models. If you don’t have a lot of floor space to spare then a wall mount model would be your best bet. If you do, then a floor model is perfect. The Flintar Wall Mount Cue Rack and the Iszy Billiards floor model pictured above can both be found on Amazon at an amazing price. You’d be surprised at just how affordable both of these cue racks are.

In Conclusion

There you have it! 23 awesome billiard accessories you are sure to love. All in all, most of these accessories aren’t essential to the game of pool. They do, however, have the ability to make pool a bit easier, more fun, and more enjoyable. I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading!

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