How Much Does an 8 Foot Slate Pool Table Weigh? (With 7 Examples)

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Finding the right pool table for your particular needs can take a bit of doing. You need to know what size table to get, and how much it weighs. It’s good to look ahead and see if you’ll be moving anytime in the near future. If you do plan on moving, the weight of the pool table you get could be a deciding factor. Since 8-foot pool tables are the most common size for homes, I thought it would be a good idea to address how much one weighs.

Most 8 foot pool tables weight between 700 and 1,000 pounds, with the average weight being between 825-875 pounds. This can vary depending on the thickness of the slate being used, the materials used to construct the frame of the table, and any decorative add ons available for purchase.

Read on to see why 8-foot pool tables weigh what they do, and to see some examples of the most popular tables on the market. 

Weight Breakdown of an 8-Foot Pool Table

Before we get into examples of different tables, let’s get an idea of what the different components of a typical pool table weigh. 


Your average 8-foot table comes with three different pieces of slate that make up the playing surface. This is in contrast to 1-piece slate tables, which are usually coin-operated tables found in bars, or older tables. 

The three different pieces of slate in an 8-foot table are cut from one large piece of slate for a smooth, consistent playing surface. Cutting the slate into three pieces makes the table easier to move when taken apart.

The slate for most 8-foot home tables is 1” thick. You can find an 8-foot table with ¾” thick slate, but it’s rare, as single-piece slate tables usually have the thinner slate. 

The slate generally makes up between 50% and 60% of the total weight of the table. So, a 3-piece, 1” table will generally have 3-pieces of slate that each weigh around 150 pounds, for a total of 450 pounds of slate alone. 

That’s about 53% of the weight of a table that weighs a total of 850 pounds.


The frame of an 8-foot pool table is the next heaviest part of the table. The frame does the work of holding up and supporting the slate. Most frames are made of wood, but this is not always the case. Some frames are a mixture of wood, plastic, or even metal. It all depends on the table. 

Wood frames, which are the most common, usually weigh around 150 to 250 pounds. This depends on the structure of the table and the material the frame is made with. The frame usually constitutes around 25% of the total weight of the table.  


The weight of the legs also depends largely on the style of the table, the material used, and whether or not the legs have built-in leveling mechanisms or not. Each leg of a 4-leg pool table usually weighs between 15 and 25 pounds. They make up around 10% of the total table’s weight. 


The rails of a pool table are typically made from mostly wood and rubber of some kind. There are a total of six railings on a table— two on each side, one at the foot, and one at the head. Each railing weighs between 12 and 17 pounds. Like the legs, the railings are typically about 10% of the total weight of the table. 

Everything Else

The rest of the weight of an 8-foot pool table is made up of the pockets, felt, and any extra decorative additions. These usually don’t total any more than 30 pounds or so on an average table. 

Examples of Table Weight

So, for the purposes of this article, I’ll break down the weight of the different pieces of the table we’ve just covered. 

  • Slate – 450 lbs. – 53%
  • Frame – 200 lbs. – 23.5%
  • Legs (4) – 80 lbs. – 9.5%
  • Rails (6) – 90 lbs. – 10.5%
  • Felt, Pockets, Decorative Additions – 30 lbs. – 3.5%

Total Weight = 850 lbs

Ball Returns and Coin-Operated Tables

Most home tables don’t have ball returns. Neither are they coin-operated. A ball return system usually adds somewhere between 50 and 75 pounds to the weight of a table. 

A coin-operated table, like those found in your local bar, is usually heavier than the tables we’ve discussed here. This is because tables for commercial use are built differently than home-use tables. The coin-operated system, combined with the weight of the heavy-duty construction, makes for a table closer to 1,000 pounds or more. 

Seven 8-Foot Table Examples

To give you an idea of what’s out on the market, here are some examples of 8-foot tables available now. 

1. Brunswick Golden Oaks Pool Table

700 Pounds

One of the lighter pool tables on this list, the elegant and classic table comes in around 700 pounds. 

It features a 1-inch, 3-piece slate, select veneered hardwood, and engineered wood products. It’s made with heavy-gauge steel fastening systems for the ultimate support and stability. 

It comes with everything you need to play, including 

  • 4 58-inch cues
  • A set of billiard balls
  • Bridge stick
  • Bridge head
  • Triangle rack
  • Table brush
  • 12 pieces of chalk

Installation and delivery are included in the package, as is a money-back guarantee. And with a brand name like Brunswick, you know you’re getting one of the best tables out there. 

2. Playcraft Rio Grande Pool Table

850 Pounds

This 8-foot table from Playcraft weighs around 850 pounds and features a rustic design that will compliment any rec room. The hardwood used to create the frame is given a weathered look. This along with the steel features and unique joinery make it a conversation piece as well as a quality pool table. 

It features a 1-inch, 3-piece slate that has been matched to within 10,000th of an inch. The leveling mechanisms included allow for micro-adjustments so you can get the table precisely leveled. 

Although it doesn’t come with balls, cues, or other accessories, it does include your choice of felt color and a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. 

3. Diamond Professional Pool Table – Walnut

1000 Pounds

This Diamond Professional table weighs about 1000 pounds. Diamond is one of the big names in the billiard business because of their high-quality, low-cost tables. This one features a 3-piece, 1-inch slate supported by 5-inch beams of laminated strand lumber. 

The cloth on this table is Simonis, which is the gold standard in the pool world. Rounded rails and K-55 cushions make for easier rail shots and years of bounce. The legs can be easily leveled with just one person.

One of these USA-made tables is sure to grant you years of fun. 

4. Legacy Billiards Cimarron Pool Table

850 Pounds

Legacy Billiards, another well-known name in the home billiards world, makes this rustic 850-pound table. This commercial-grade table is made from heavily-distressed grain ash wood and metal components. 

The slate is 1-inch thick and comes in 3-pieces. The cloth is available in several different colors. The cushions are 100% gum-rubber, and the pockets are premium leather. 

While installation and delivery are not included, this table does come with an accessory package of your choice, featuring everything you need to start playing pool!

5. Brunswick Oakland II Pool Table 

794 Pounds

This Oakland II from Brunswick, weighing approximately 794 pounds, is a throwback to the pool tables that were popular during the turn of the 20th century. It features straight lines, large ornate MDF paneling, leather pockets, and wood rails. It also has two built-in drawers for accessory storage. 

The Brunswick certified premium slate is 1-inch thick and comes in 3-pieces. It comes in chestnut or espresso finish, and 14 different colors are available for the cloth. The cushions are rubber and the nut-plate construction makes for a sturdy, long-lasting table.

6. Universal Billiards Sloane Pool Table

890 Pounds

The Sloane table is a premium, sleek, and modern pool table. Its leg design, straight lines, and current feel make this table ideal for those who like to have a quality pool table that doubles as a work of art. 

Made in the USA by Universal Billiards, this table features hardwood construction, a 1.25-inch 3-piece slate, quality finish, and premium leather pockets. The cushions are made from 100% gum rubber for consistent bounce. 

It also comes with your choice between 3 accessory kits so you can get to playing as soon as the table is installed. 

7. Playcraft Yukon River Pool Table

850 Pounds

This Playcraft table is made to look like it was made from wood from a quaint old farmhouse. Of course, it wasn’t, but the rustic style of this table is unbeatable. It weighs 850 pounds and features a 1-inch backed slate in 3 pieces. 

The K-55 gum rubber cushions ensure quality play on the 21-ounce wool blend cloth, available in 25 different colors. 

Artisan joinery and steel features come together to make this table both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. 

Includes a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

In Conclusion

As we’ve discovered in this article, the slate portion of the pool table accounts for the majority of the weight (53% roughly) with everything else making up for the rest. And with the examples we’ve looked at, we can see that 8 foot slate pool tables can range in weight from 700 to 1000 pounds on average. However, this can vary depending on the brand of the pool table, the materials used in construction, and any additional decorative add ons you may wish to purchase.

If weight was your primary concern, hopefully now you have all the information you need to decide if an 8 foot slate pool table is right for you. 7 foot pool tables are a great weight reducing alternative, if you’re willing to sacrifice some playing surface. They’re generally a bit cheaper as well. I hope this article has been helpful. Thanks for reading!

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