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If you’re anything like me, you cringe when it comes time to buy someone a gift. It’s not necessarily because you don’t want to get them anything but because you don’t know what to get. This happens to me every time a birthday or holiday rolls around. Try as I may to think of something they would really like, something that’s unique and personal, I usually end up purchasing a lame card from Walmart and stuffing a $20 in it. And we all know that card just ends up in the trash and the cash, while nice, is not very memorable.

If you’re in this position now, and the person you’re buying for likes to play pool, I have a list of 15 awesome gift ideas that he/she is sure to love. Now you’ll have no excuse to be the lame gift giver (like me) any longer! At least not when you’re buying for someone who’s into pool.

1.Custom Cue Ball

A custom cue ball is a great gift for players of all skill levels. They’re not that expensive and can be customized with ease. You can upload a picture from your computer or phone, and have it printed right on the cue ball or you can type a special message on it. If you want a cue ball with an image on it click here or if you want a special message on your cue ball click here. If you’re considering buying a custom cue ball, you may also want to consider buying a case for it. This cue ball case by Ballsak is a great way to carry your cue ball with you without worrying about it being damaged. It has a carabiner clip on it so you can clip it right to your cue case, making it super convenient.

2. Cue Rack

Ever been to a friend’s house to play pool and noticed all of their sticks were leaned up against the wall or shoved in the corner of the room? Yea, they need a cue rack. Leaving pool sticks leaned against a wall for long periods of time can cause them to warp. A cue rack solves that problem by keeping the cues completely vertical. Most of them also have hooks to hang racking triangles on and a place to store billiard balls as well. If the room is a little tight on space a wall mount cue rack is the way to go. If not, a floor model works just as well.

3. Retractable Bridge

There are times when the cue ball is just out of reach and a bridge is necessary to make the shot. Instead of lugging around a 58” bridge cue, or hoping you can find underneath the table, you can instead buy a retractable bridge cue that you can carry with you. It’s very compact, coming in at 14” long and extends up to 57”. This is a must have item for anyone who’s serious about pool.

4. Dart Board

If the person you’re buying for has their own pool room, a dart board would make a great addition to it. Its nice to have another form of entertainment for guests who are waiting their turn at the table and a dart board is a great way to do that. The American Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet is a great option that would look great in any pool room. It comes with all the hardware you need to install it and also comes with 6 darts so you can start playing right away.

5. Billiard Ball Set

A new set of billiard balls is sure to make any pool player happy. This “dark marble swirl” set by GSE Games & Sports has a really unique design and they look amazing. They are regulation size and are made from polyester resin which is impact and scratch resistant. Don’t forget to pick up some Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner as well to help keep them looking their best. And just in case the person you’re buying for needs to transport these new billiard balls, this case by Aramith is perfect. Its padded and holds 17 balls individually and also has room for the Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner just mentioned. This is a great way to make sure your billiard balls stay protected on the go.

6. Neon Sign

Nothing screams billiard room or pool hall quite like a neon sign does! This pool shark neon sign by Urby is a great choice for someone looking to show their love for pool in a unique way. Its colors are super bright and vibrant and would look great in any billiard room, mancave, or even a bedroom. Its 14”x18” and comes equipped with a hanging chain which makes it easy to install.

7. Pool Cue

Pool players love trying out new gear and comparing it to their own, especially when it comes to cues. And although most serious players already have a few cues, most wouldn’t mind adding another one to the collection. This is because every cue feels and plays differently, and every player is searching for the “one” that feels just right. If you’re buying for a beginner check out this cue by Viking Valhalla. It comes in 9 different colors and has a lifetime warranty, even against warping! A more advanced player, however, would be more interested in the Players C-9921 Cue. It’s a bit pricier but it comes with a lot of features that a more advanced player is used to.

8. Magic Rack

Having a perfectly tight rack is crucial to getting a good spread off the break. And often times cheap plastic, or wooden racks just aren’t able to do that. With Magic Rack, you’re able to get a perfect, tight rack every single time whether you’re playing 8, 9, or 10 ball. If you’re tired of getting lousy spreads due to loose racks, click here to check out the Magic Rack.

9. Case

Any player who travels with his pool cues needs a way to protect them on the go and a good quality case is the only way to do that. The Iszy Billiards 2×2 case is a great affordable option that also comes in a variety of colors. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and 2 zippered pockets that are perfect for storing extra gear such as chalk or gloves.

10. Pool Table Cover

Pool tables are expensive! Fortunately, the best way to keep them in perfect condition is not! Pool table covers, such as the Boshen Heavy Duty Leatherette Cover, provide the best means of keeping your table free of lint and debris that can accumulate on the surface if kept uncovered. They also help protect from accidental spills as well. If the person you’re buying for has their own table, a cover would make a great gift!

11. Wall Art

There are some really cool pieces of wall art out there that every pool player is sure to love. Check out this clock by 3dRose Billiards. It has a high gloss, UV coated scratch resistant finish and comes in three different sizes. Or if clocks aren’t your thing take a look at this customizable billiard room sign. You can customize the text to your choice and its handmade from American birch wood. Its 21”x16” and comes with predrilled holes to make installation quick and easy.

12. Pool Table Light

When it comes to creating an awesome billiard room, a low hanging fluorescent bulb over the pool table just doesn’t fit in. What does fit in is this awesome 59” hanging pool table light. It comes in four different colors including red, green, blue, and black. It also houses three LED bulbs making it super bright without running up the electric bill. If you’re looking for a unique gift that’s sure to brighten up your favorite pool shark’s day, this is sure to do it.

13. Ultimate Accessory Kit

If you’re looking to buy the ultimate pool playing starter kit, then this 32-piece accessory kit is for you. It comes with literally everything a new pool player would need to start playing immediately. Some of the items include 4 pool cues, racking triangles, billiard balls, and chalk. It also comes with table brushes and a cover so you can keep your table in perfect shape. This kit is great for someone who needs the essentials but doesn’t want to break the bank to do so.

14. Glove

At some point in time every pool player is going to get sweaty hands. This is an issue because if your bridge hand sweats, the cue doesn’t glide through it as smoothly and affects your shot. Using a glove eliminates this problem. This glove by Cuesoul is great because its one size fits most, comes in four different colors, and you get 10 gloves in the set.

15. Chalk w/ Retractable Chalk Holder

Chalk is a great add-on gift for any player. Its one of those things you can never have too much of because as long as you play pool, you will always need it. Most advanced players have a preference as to which brand of chalk they prefer but for casual players or beginners, it typically doesn’t matter. I would recommend Master billiard chalk because its affordable and comes in a variety of colors. (Note: when choosing a color, go with one that is closest to the color of the felt on the pool table. This way when someone miscues and strikes the table, the chalk from the tip doesn’t stand out as much).

Make sure to also pick up this handy retractable chalk holder. It clips right onto your belt or waistband, so you never have to worry about misplacing your chalk again.


Any of these gifts are sure to make your favorite pool shark happy. If you have any other pool related questions feel free to reach out or check out our other helpful articles!

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