73 Epic Billiard Shirts Every Pool Player is Sure to Love

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If you like pro sports, you wear a jersey. If you have a favorite Bible verse, you put it on your license plate. If you love your husband or wife, you get their name tattooed on your body. And if you like playing pool, you wear awesome billiard shirts! (I,m kidding about the tattoo part!)

But seriously, all of us like to showcase to the world the things we love in some way or another. For most of us, however, buying a simple T-shirt is a great, inexpensive way to represent our love for our favorite past time or hobby. Unfortunately, billiards isn’t as popular as the NFL or NBA, and so getting a jersey with your favorite pool players name on it really wouldn’t be recognizable to most people unless they’re into pool just as much as you are.

But if you’re content to settle for an epic T-shirt that shows the world your love of pool, you’re in for a treat. In this article we’re going to show you 100 of the coolest, most awesome billiard shirts we could find. I’m sure you’ll find a few that you just have to have!

Most of the shirts below are available in many different colors and come in women’s and youth sizes as well. Every pic below is a link to Amazon. Clicking on one will take you directly to Amazon where you can check out these awesome shirts for yourself.

Disclaimer: There are some shirts on this list that some readers may find offensive. While I have not put any shirt on the list to intentionally offend anyone, I understand that not everyone has the same sense of humor and I apologize in advance.

#1 I Rub My Tip

#2 I Know I Play Like a Girl

#3 Vintage 8-Ball

#4 Just An Old Guy

#5 American Flag

#6 Retro 8-Ball

#7 8-Ball Rack

#8 I Could Shoot Pool Better

#9 American Flag v2

#10 9-Ball Heartbeat

#11 The Science of Billiards

#12 Funky Hawaiian Billiard Shirt

#13 Aim. Shoot. Swear. Repeat

#14 The Evolution of Billiards

#15 Worlds Okayest Pool Player

#16 Retro Pinup Girl

#17 Pool Legend

#18 I Beat People With a Stick

#19 Pool Ninja

#20 Drinking & 8-Ball

#21 It Worked In My Head

#22 Retro Billiards

#23 I Love It When My Wife Lets Me Play Pool

#24 Just The Tip. I Promise

#25 Its In My DNA

#26 Vintage Billiards

#27 I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

#28 Never Underestimate An Old Man

#29 The Cuefather

#30 Less Talk More Chalk

#31 8-Ball Sound Waves

#32 Happiness Is A Perfect Rack

#33 Distressed American Flag

#34 Christmas 8-Ball

#35 Yes I Have A Retirement Plan

#36 Im Here To Break Your Balls

#37 9-Ball American Flag

#38 I Play Pool And I Know Things

#39 Pool Coach

#40 8-Ball Billiards

#41 Pool Takes Balls

#42 Are You Looking At My Balls?

#43 Rack Em’ Up Buttercup

#44 8-Ball 9-Ball Skull

#45 Shut Up And Shoot

#46 Stand Back!

#47 Stroke It Dont Poke It

#48 Rub My Balls For Good Luck

#49 Your Wife vs. My Wife

#50 Im Not Addicted To Pool

#51 I’m Just A Stroker

#52 This Is My Pool Playing….Shirt

#53 Thats How I Roll

#54 Pool Chalk Is My Glitter

#55 Is There Life After Death?

#56 Shoot Like A Girl

#57 Life Is Better With Beer And A Pool Cue

#58 I’d Hit That

#59 All About Playing Pool

#60 Rack Em’ Up

#61 Pool King

#62 Billiard Snowman

#63 Theres Always A Shot

#64 Billiard Coach

#65 Born To Play Pool Forced To Work

#66 Let Me Know If My Balls Get In Your Way

#67 Evil 8-Ball

#68 She Carries The Rack…

#69 Pocketologist

#70 Chalk Dirty To Me

#71 Billiard Ball Christmas Tree

#72 I Am Bi-Pooler

#73 Id Rather Be Playing Pool

In Conclusion

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of billiard shirts on the market. These 73 are just a few of whats available. I hope you’ve enjoyed scrolling through this article and hopefully you found a few shirts that caught your eye. If you liked this article feel free to browse through the rest of the site where we have tons of helpful articles all aimed at helping you improve your skills at the table. Thanks for reading!

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