The 5 Best Portable Pool Cue Holders

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Nothing is worse than leaving your pool cue leaned up against a wall or table and having it accidentally knocked over. This causes more frustration and wasted money in repairs than almost anything I know of. For this reason its always a good idea to have your cue secured in the upright position when not in use through the use of a cue holder.

Cue holders, as their name implies, are handy little devices that sit or clamp onto a flat surface, such as tables, that hold your pool cues upright when you’re not using them. They’re great for carrying to the pool hall, or anywhere else where you don’t have a rack to keep your cue in.

Most portable pool cue holders are fairly inexpensive as well. For this reason they are a great investment for any pool shark and a must have item for anyone who wants to keep their cues protected against accidental damage that could be avoided.

If you’re in the market for a portable pool cue holder, then hopefully this article will help you out. These are the 5 best portable pool cue holders on the market today, and any one of them will help keep your pool cues safe when not in use!

#1. Predator FCH (Folding Cue Holder)

Number one on our list of best portable pool cue holders is the Predator FCH. If you know much about Predator, you know they’re always putting out new and innovative products, mainly in the form of their cues, so its no surprise that their folding cue holder has become very popular as well.

The frame of this cue holder is made from solid brushed aluminum, making it lightweight, strong, and attractive. The cue holder portion itself, however, is made of rubber, so you don’t have to worry about it scratching your cues. Its fold away design makes it super easy and convenient to use, and the carrying case that comes with it is a nice little bonus.

This cue holder is praised by some as being the best cue holder ever. This is mainly due to its quality and how securely the pool cues are held in place.


  • 4 Cue Holder
  • Brushed Aluminum Frame
  • Fold-Away Design
  • Soft Touch Cue Holders
  • Comes With Carry Case
  • Wont Scratch Cues
  • Easy To Use
  • Fits In Cue Case

All in all, the Predator FCH is number one on the list for a reason. Its compact, portable design makes it super easy to put in your case or even your coat pocket. The only downside to this product is the price. Although it is higher than the rest of the cue holders on the list, its well worth it to most players. You can check out the Predator FCH here, on Amazon.

#2. Q-Claw 5 Cue Rest

The Q-Claw has been a favorite among pool players for many years. This is mainly due to its simplicity and the fact that it just works so well. This cue holder isn’t as fancy as the Predator FCH but it gets the job done just the same.

The Q-Claw is available in multiple different sizes, from 2 cues up to 5. To use it, simply sit it on the edge of your table, and forget about it. There aren’t any screws or bolts to tighten down. The weight of the cue holder itself is enough to keep your cues safely in place. The Q-Claw also fits perfectly in your cue case, making it a necessary companion to all of your trips to the pool hall.


  • 2-5 Cue Holder
  • Easy To Use
  • No Screws or Bolts Needed
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Fits In Cue Case
  • Wont Scratch Cues
  • Multiple Colors Available

If you want a cue holder that just works, the Q-Claw may be your best bet. The fact that its available in different sizes and colors means that you can easily find a Q-Claw that’s right for you. The Q-Claw 5 Cue Holder is available on Amazon. Check it out to see user reviews for yourself!

#3. Extreme EXC-4

The Extreme EXC-4 is a great cue holder for anyone looking to keep their cues safe when not in use. Like the Q-Claw, it relies on weight to keep it planted firmly against the table, thus preventing it from sliding around with your pool cues in it.

The Extreme EXC-4 pool cue holder comes in several different styles and configurations. The color options include black, blue, green and purple and is able to hold between 2-4 cues, depending on what you need. Its compact design is perfect for storing in your cue case, and it even comes with a change holder integrated into the top. Perfect for keeping your change handy for your next game.


  • Holds 2-4 Cues
  • Compact Design
  • Convenient Change Holder
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Wont Scratch Cues
  • Fits In Cue Case

If you want a cue holder that will keep your cues safe and double as a change holder, definitely check out the Extreme EXC-4. This handy little cue holder is the perfect solution for keeping your cues upright and in tact when not in use. Check out the Extreme EXC-4 here, on Amazon.

#4. Joe Porper 4 Cue Holder

If you want a little more peace of mind than a weighted cue holder has to offer, then the Joe Porper 4 Cue Holder may be a good fit for you. Instead of relying on weight to keep the cue holder secure to the table, the Joe Porper cue holder clamps down to it via a 2 inch adjustable clamp.

The adjustable 2 inch clamp means you can secure this cue holder to any flat surface that is 2 inches thick or less. All you need to do is hand tighten it. You don’t need any tools to use this cue holder. The clamp itself is made of heavy duty ABS plastic. The cue holder clamps are also plastic but are made with a special blend of polymers to ensure a long lifespan. This cue clamp is also small enough to fit in your case.


  • 4 Cue Clamp
  • Made of Heavy Duty ABS Plastic
  • Fits Flat Surfaces Up To 2 Inches Thick
  • Adjustable
  • Fits In Cue Case
  • Wont Scratch Cues
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Having your cues securely attached to a cue holder thats locked in place will allow you to focus more on your game and less on your gear. The Joe Porper cue holder is a great investment and for under $20, its hard to beat.

#5. Q-Claw Single Cue Holder (Best Budget Friendly Model)

If you’re playing solo or only have a single cue you need to keep upright, this single cue holder by Q-Claw may be your best choice. Its the simplest, smallest, most portable, and cheapest cue holder on the list. If you just need to keep your main cue upright when not in use, then definitely check out the Q-Claw Single Cue Holder here on Amazon.


  • Single Cue Holder
  • Easy To Use
  • Wont Scratch Cues
  • Fits In Cue Case or Pocket
  • Budget Friendly

In Conclusion

Keeping your cues in a cue holder is a lot safer than keeping them leaned up against a table or propped up against the wall. Any one of these cue holders will help keep your cues safe from potential falls or accidents. This single investment could save you lots of frustration and money in the event that you cue gets knocked over and needs repair. There’s no need to chance it when a simple cue holder could prevent it. I hope this article has been helpful. Thanks for reading!

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