Are Pool Tables a Good Investment?

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Purchasing a pool table is a big decision for most people. It’s not one of those purchases you can make on a whim or an impulse. It takes some careful consideration to determine if a pool table is right for you. And one of the questions people tend to ask is, “Are pool tables a good investment?”

The answer to this depends on what you consider an investment. If you’re concerned about selling the table down the line if you don’t like it, you should know you’ll be lucky to make half your money back. However, if you play pool regularly, a pool table can be an excellent investment for several reasons. 

What Makes a Good Investment?

In general terms, a good investment holds or increases its value over time. It’s also low-risk and high-reward. Keeping those two things in mind, you can consider if a pool table is a good investment for you. But remember that, in the case of pool tables, it’s not all about monetary value.

Speaking in purely monetary terms, pool tables aren’t a great investment. They don’t hold their value well over time. The best you can hope for when selling a pool table is earning half of the money back. And it will usually be closer to a third of the initial cost. 

But, that doesn’t mean they don’t make a good investment for some people. As such, I’ve gathered some questions to ask yourself that can help you determine if a pool table will be a good investment for you. 

Questions to Ask to Determine if a Pool Table is Right for You

As you answer these questions for yourself, you’ll be able to determine if a pool table is a good idea for you. Some of the questions are more important to others, and you don’t have to answer every single one in the affirmative to enjoy a pool table. But, you’ll want to answer most of them positively in order to make the most out of a pool table. 

Do You Have Enough Room?

This is one question that you do need to answer positively. In fact, if you can’t answer this question with a “yes,” then there’s no need to read the other questions. Without adequate room, the pool table will be next to useless. But how do you know how much room you need? You can check out my other article on pool table and room sizes

But it’s not just the total room you need to consider. If you have a space where the pool table will fit, it’s best to consider what else that space is currently used for. 

Is it currently used as a gym or an activity room by other family members? Will you have to move other furniture? Is everyone on board with using that space for a pool table? 

Do You Currently Play Pool Regularly?

One of the main reasons people get a pool table in their home, and determine that it’s a good investment, is that they play pool already. And they play regularly. 

If you do the math and compare the cost of renting a pool table at the pool hall week after week, to the cost of purchasing one, you’ll see that buying one for your house is a good investment. You can also factor in the cost of gas and the time you spend driving to and from the pool hall. 

This is why, for people who play regularly, purchasing a pool table is often a good investment. 

What is Your Attraction to Pool?

This question goes hand-in-hand with the one above. When determining if a pool table is a good investment, it’s key to think about why you like playing pool. For many people, it’s the love of the game. They’re genuinely interested in getting better at the game, they like the challenge. 

For others, it’s the social aspect. They like hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and chatting. They like getting out of the house for a little while for a change of scenery, even if it’s the bar they’ve been going to for years. They like pool, but they can take it or leave it because they enjoy socializing more. 

Neither one is better than the other, but it’s a good idea to take a hard look at which kind of person you are, to determine if a pool table is a good investment. 

Of course, there are people who enjoy both the social aspect and the game of pool. They don’t want to pick one or the other. And for those people, it’s best to answer yes to the next question.  

Do You Have People to Play Pool With?

Some people purchase pool tables and have a blast playing with their family members, or even by themselves. But, eventually, their family members get tired of playing and they themselves get tired of playing by themselves. 

Pretty soon, if they don’t have anyone to play with, the pool table sits, collecting dust. This is why it’s essential to ask yourself if you have people to play pool with. Do you have friends that live nearby who are willing to come over? Does another family member or your significant other share the same love for pool that you have? 

Of course, it’s impossible to see into the future, but it’s worth asking around your friends and family to see if anyone is really excited about the prospect of you getting a pool table. 

How Does Your Family Feel About Pool?

This question is a kind of continuation of the last one. It’s important to talk to the members of your household about getting a pool table.

 I’ve known some people who have bought a pool table after discussing it only briefly with their partners. Then, once they got the pool table and started spending much of their time with it, things started going wrong in their relationships. 

Now, a pool table may not be the issue at heart here, but rather a way that other issues come to the surface. It’s something to consider, and it’s worth discussing in detail with any family members who may be affected by the purchase. 

Do You Have Professional Aspirations?

The last question you should ask yourself is if you have professional aspirations. Or if not professional, maybe you play in a local league and you want to get better. 

Either way, a pool table is an excellent investment for those who want to play professionally or semi-professionally. In fact, it’s almost a necessity because getting better takes lots and lots of practice for those of us who aren’t natural sharks. 

The Type of Pool Table Determines Its Investment Value

If you’ve gone through the questions above and have determined that a pool table will make a good investment, it’s time to consider what table is right for you. 

If you’re serious about getting a decent table, you should definitely spend the money to get a slate table. Out of the different kinds of pool tables, slate tables last the longest, meaning they’re the best investment among tables. 

I recommend this Brunswick Golden Oaks Pool Table.

  • Delivery and professional installation are included in the cost
  • The Brunswick name is synonymous with quality
  • Features solid wood legs and a smooth, dark, espresso finish
  • It’s an 8-foot table, ideal for home use
  • Comes with a full accessory kit, featuring four cues, balls, rack, chalk, and a table brush
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty

What to Know About Selling Your Pool Table

Now, since this is an article about pool tables and investments, I would be remiss if I didn’t include some tips about selling your used pool table once you’ve got the most out of it. 

  • Expect to get between 25 and 50-percent of its original cost
  • Check your local listings (Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Classifieds, etc.) to see what the going rate is for used pool tables similar to your own
  • Wait for winter to sell, if you can, because you can generally get a better price in winter (when everyone is indoors and looking for indoor activities)
  • Take a ton of pictures of the table and be prepared to negotiate the price
  • Include the cost of installation and delivery to make things easier on the seller (this means contacting a pool table mover beforehand)

In Conclusion

Determining a pool table’s investment value depends almost entirely on your wants, preferences, and situation. For some, a pool table is an excellent investment that they enjoy for years and years. It can bring families closer together and give everyone something to do without leaving the house. 

For others, a pool table sits, gathering dust, taking up space. Before deciding on a pool table, it’s best to talk it out with members of your household and take the time to consider whether a table is a good investment for you.

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