10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Aramith Pool Balls

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In the billiards world, Aramith is a name known for excellence, durability, high quality, and longevity. Many consider Aramith pool balls far and away the best balls money can buy. But one thing’s for sure: you do need money to buy them. Aramith pool balls don’t come cheap. So before shelling out your hard-earned dough, you may want to know why they’re so good. Well, read on to learn 10 reasons why you should buy Aramith pool balls. 

  1. Aramith Has Had Time to Perfect Their Process
  2. Aramith Pool Balls Are Made With Phenolic Resin
  3. They Feature Solid Cores and Engraved Numbers
  4. They’re Burn-Spot Resistant
  5. They’re Rated 50-Times Tougher Than Other Balls
  6. Aramith Balls Are Precision Designed
  7. The Quality Process is Second to None
  8. All Balls Come With a Quality Certificate
  9. They’re Doing Their Part for the Environment
  10. The Pro Tournaments Use Aramith Almost Exclusively

Reason #1: Aramith Has Had Time to Perfect Their Process

The company that makes Aramith Pool Balls is called Saluc. They’re a Belgian company that was founded in 1923. But they didn’t start off making billiard balls. No, they started as a chemical company supplying tanneries in the region. But around 1950 they had to look for other options as tanneries began to disappear. 

They saw an opportunity in the 1960s to make a run at the billiard ball industry, and the rest is history. In essence, Saluc has had seventy years to perfect their balls. Their special resin and production process makes them a cut above everyone else in the billiard ball industry. In fact, it’s estimated that Saluc corners about 85% of the billiard ball market with their Aramith balls. 

Reason #2: Aramith Pool Balls Are Made With Phenolic Resin

If you know anything about billiard balls, this reason may seem a little silly. After all, other companies make balls out of phenolic resin. What makes Aramith balls so unique? Well, the fact that Saluc has their own chemical manufacturing plant where they produce the special phenolic resin is part of it. This way they don’t rely on outsourcing the manufacturing process to a different company. They control all aspects of manufacturing. 

This, combined with the fact that they’ve been doing this for over half a century means that even other phenolic resin balls aren’t the quality that Aramith balls are. Plus, many other balls are made with polyester, which is no match for phenolic resin. 

Reason #3: They Feature Solid Cores and Engraved Numbers

It may surprise you to learn that some billiard balls don’t actually have a solid core that goes all the way through the ball. The white circles where the balls sit are often just small circles plugged into the ball on each side. This increases the risk of the ball falling apart over time, or the small circles shifting slightly and throwing the roll off. 

But not Aramith balls. Each Aramith ball is made with a solid core that goes all the way through, meaning the whole ball is solid. Plus, the phenolic resin they use allows each part of the ball to fuse to the other, making for the most solid, longest-lasting balls in the industry. Plus, the numbers are CNC engraved, making the numbers just as solid as the rest of the ball.  

Reason #4: They’re Burn-Spot Resistant

When you strike a cue ball with a cue, it gains speed quickly, which can cause friction which generates temperatures as high as 480-degrees. When this happens over and over, it can cause burn spots, which make the balls lose their shine and wear the table cloth down quickly. 

Aramith balls are made specifically with high temperatures in mind. This means they are burn-spot resistant. They keep their nice shine longer while going easy on the table cloth. This makes Aramith balls both an investment in balls and in your pool table cloth. 

Reason #5: They’re Rated 50-Times Tougher Than Other Balls

When it comes to pool ball toughness, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better ball than Aramith. Tests show that, on average, Aramith balls can take up to 50 times more impacts than other balls. And this isn’t just polyester balls, either, but even other phenolic balls. 

Aramith balls have been tested independently by physicists on table simulators, and they always come out ahead. If you want balls that will last you a long time, accept no substitutes or imitations

Reason #6: Aramith Balls Are Precision-Designed

Pool is a precision game that deserves precision-designed balls. When balls vary too much in weight and balance, consistency goes out the window. And without consistency, it’s hard to develop skills. This is why Aramith balls are designed with ultimate precision. 

They’re through-hardened for a consistent density. The center of gravity on Aramith balls is always in the middle, making movement and rebound true all across the board. They’re also imbued with anti-kick properties, which means they are resistant to static charge, which can gather dust particles and effect shots. 

Reason #7: The Quality Process is Second to None

The production process is where the rubber meets the road for any physical product. And since billiard balls require very precise and consistent characteristics, it’s important that manufacturing is as seamless and professional as possible. 

Aramith pool balls are so good because their quality assurance is excellent. The whole process takes a total of 23 days and includes 13 steps. Technology and craftsmen work side by side to ensure that every ball meets Aramith’s strict quality standards. 

To top it all off, each ball is manually checked before it leaves the factory, which is one major reason Aramith is such a trusted name in the billiard world. 

Reason #8: All Balls Come With a Quality Certificate

All Aramith sets come with a quality certificate. These certificates include two different tiers. The first is for Aramith Premier balls, which come in a green box. These will last an average of 5 times longer than other ball materials.

Each Aramith ball is defined by the following criteria:

  • Balance
  • Diameter Tolerance
  • Density
  • Surface Polish
  • Brilliance
  • Sphericity
  • Color 

These standards are applied to each and every ball. But the Super Aramith, Super Aramith Pro, and Aramith Tournament Champion are the best of the best. This second tier of quality means that each ball is individually measured and exacted to ensure consistency among each set. Plus, they have a special hardened coating that keeps both the balls and the pool table cloth looking good for a long, long time. 

Reason #9: They’re Doing Their Part for the Environment

Those who like to purchase from environmentally-friendly companies can rest easy buying Aramith balls. The company that makes the balls, Saluc, uses recycling technology to do their part for the environment. They do this in a number of different ways. 

  • Belgian environmental and health standards are some of the strictest in the world. And Saluc is both DRC and REACH compliant and they’re continually checked to make sure they stay compliant. 
  • They are proud to have 100% recycled products, which is a big step in combating needless waste. 
  • Their production process is state-of-the-art. Saluc uses water treatment processes and air treatment to stay compliant with the health and safety standards of Europe and Belgium. 
  • They also use green energy technology and are always looking for ways to streamline processes and to work with environmentally friendly energy suppliers.   

Reason #10: The Pro Tournaments Use Aramith Almost Exclusively

Reason number 10 is the only reason many pool players need in order to purchase Aramith pool balls: the vast majority of pro tournaments use Aramith. Their Super Aramith Pro-Cup is the set used often on televised events. Partially because the design is unique and the balls are excellent in every aspect, and partially because the cue balls with red dots on them help viewers and players see the movement of the cue ball. 

Aramith also makes billiard balls for nearly every kind of billiard game out there. They also specialize in making other phenolic resin products like bowling balls and balls for various industrial uses. 

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In Conclusion

Many people wonder if Aramith balls are really worth it. But, more and more, the Aramith name is becoming synonymous with excellent quality. The balls are aesthetically pleasing and made to precise standards, no matter which line you buy. 

For most people, the Aramith Premier billiard ball set is a great combination of value and quality. But for those serious about having a nice set that they can show off, the Super Aramith Pro value pack is the best bet. It includes Aramth’s cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth for easy cleaning. It also comes with a training cue ball so you can take your game to the next level!

Aramith Billiard Balls - Premier Belgian
  • Perfect roundness and balance
  • Uniform weight and hardness
  • Brilliant colors
  • Friction resistant roll and reaction
Super Pro Aramith Pool Balls - VALUE PACK
  • Complete set of pool Balls15 numbered balls 1 cue ball
  • Weight: 6 oz per ball aramith Pro series cast-phenolic resin construction
  • Less vulnerable to burn spots Number in stripe Pro cup cue ball
  • Remke training ball aramith ball cleaner Micro-Fiber cleaning cloth
  • Complete set of 16 balls includes 8 solids, 7 stripes and a cue ball; Each ball is regulations size, measuring 2-1/4" in diameter

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